7Of Exxon's 36 rigs operating in the Permian and Bakken


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iPhone Cases However, the N. Delaware acquisition (the Bass lands) are in the New Mexico part of the Permian, so Texas numbers do not capture Exxon's XTO oil production.Exxon expects to achieve this production growth via its shale arm, Fort Worth subsidiary XTO Energy, which it purchased in 2010 for $31 billion. Sara Ortwein, president of Exxon Mobil's XTO Energy subsidiary, said,"We have logistics and technology advantages over our competitors."They also will call upon their experience gained from drilling over 5,000 horizontal unconventional wells and having large, highly contiguous acreage positions.6Exxon recently cited drilling 12,500 foot laterals in the Delaware bit and even a three miler in the Midland Basin.7Of Exxon's 36 rigs operating in the Permian and Bakken, 30 are to be directed to the Permian. iPhone Cases

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