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iphone 8 plus case Regarding our margin based Supply and Logistics segment iphone case iphone cases, we have provided guidance of plus or minus $100 million, which is consistent with the assumption in our leverage reduction plan that we discussed in August.Looking forward, we believe the fundamentals are favorable to our asset base and business model, particularly in the Permian Basin. To be clear iphone case, we see meaningful volume growth in the STACK, Eagle Ford, DJ, and Williston Basin, which have been incorporated into our outlook for 2018. However, the major driver for fee based growth is clearly the Permian.Before I address new projects that we have added to our capital program for 2018 and 2019, let me spend a few minutes on our fundamental outlook for the Permian, which underpins our outlook for 2018 and also for approximately 14% to 15% growth in our 2019 fee based adjusted EBITDA over the 2018 guidance, even after taking into account planned asset sales.As illustrated at the top right of the slide 4, the Permian Basin realized approximately 700,000 barrels a day of production growth from year end 2016 to year end 2017, which is consistent with the projections we shared in our May 2017 Investor Day iphone 8 plus case.