In terms of fictional works, the answer would depend upon what


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Celine Bags Online Based on the theoretical isochrones from VandenBergh (1985) that are in better agreement with our data, we estimate for this cluster a distance from the Sun of 620 pc (Vo Mv = 9 +/ 0.25 mag) and an age lying within the range of 2 3 Gyr, adopting solar metallicity. Thus, the corresponding cluster's Galactocentric distance is 8.1 kpc and is placed at about 350 pc below the Galactic plane. According to this results, NGC 6994 belongs to the old open cluster population located in the outer disk and at large distances from the Galactic plane, and must have suffered significant individual dynamical evolution, resulting in mass segregation and evaporation celine outlet los angeles of low mass stars.". Celine Bags Online

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