New pipelines in the planing stages may change all this


Since 2008, while Fannie and Freddie have sat in limbo, homeownership has plunged. This summer, the Census Bureau reported that the homeownership rate had fallen to 63.4percent, the lowest level in 48 years. (It had peaked at 69 percent, in 2004.) "Renter nation," one blog called the United States.

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I just finished the third episode and it's so good I can't stop watching. I'm amazed at the military genius of Ho Chi Mihn and I'm horrified by what US soldiers had to endure. One Marine talks about not being able to respond on his radio because they were able to hear the Viet Cong whispering all around them in the pitch black jungle.

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In any organization, the way one department operates is influenced by other parts of the company. So in order to reduce the complexity, a business owner must be constantly questioning why work is done, and how it can be done more efficiently. Once you have drawn up your flow chart, you will probably start to observe that there are a number of extra and unnecessary steps involved in your company's operations..

As the Proms' maestro, he frequently came up with new arrangements of well known pieces to suit the orchestra he was working with. Critics often complained, leading Wood in 1929 to play a joke on them. "I got very fed up with them, always finding fault with any arrangement or orchestrations that I made.

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