Offers multiple threats, including the speed and trickery of


The bosses are quite fun, unique sorts to play against. The second boss alone has seven different shapes! I was JUST playing alone on Expert mode only to nerd rage hard at his Eagle shape, where his wings and tail take diverse structures where you have to try and slip passed him to the bottom of the screen. It sounds simple until he arises BACKWARDS and his wing manages to pin you to the wall..

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Cohen must identify the inevitable, or at least likely, losses on each side if an agreement is to be reached, and then work with each negotiating team to see what they can do to mitigate or compensate for the other side's losses. Each loss, whether material or in the form of an abandoned priority, will differentially affect factions in each side's constituency. Figuring out which subgroups will be taking the biggest hit and what can be done to ameliorate the loss and/or help them though it is the mediator's work if an agreement is to be reached..

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