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cheap moncler outlet Tory axe woman Esther McVey has been criticised over how she has dealt the Universal Credit (Image: Getty Images)Get daily updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersThank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailUniversal Credit is a bureaucratic nightmare borne out of ideological vindictiveness.Supporters of this so called "welfare reform" will tell you it was designed to make the UK's notoriously complicated benefit system easier to understand.In reality, this vicious Tory policy was designed to do just one thing: Pick the pockets of the poor.Senior Labour MP claims Universal Credit is pushing women into prostitutionEx chancellor George Osborne gave the game away when he stripped moncler uk shop out of Universal Credit in the same 2015 budget that cut inheritance tax for millionaires.Osborne is long gone but the damage done by his monstrous assault on the poor is only starting to be felt. And his victims cheap moncler tracksuit aren't confined to those in the dole queues.Many of those who are losing out are holding down a job and desperately trying to make ends meet.They are the "just about managing" group, who Theresa May famously pledged to help when she took moncler gloves uk the keys to Downing Street.That includes hard working staff at South cheap moncler womens coat Lanarkshire Council, who have been told the bizarre rules of Universal Credit mean they could lose money simply because of the way the council pay them.More worrying still is the horrific situation of women being driven into prostitution because of this wicked policy.Frank Field, who chairs Westminster's work and pensions committee, stunned the Commons by revealing their plight in a question to Esther McVey.Of course, Field got no answers from the Tory benefits axe woman.Because the Tories have no answers just a cruel, unforgiveable campaign against society's most vulnerable.A special legacy It was a truly heart moncler outlet rosemont warming moment when Dennis Canavan presented a trophy to his son at the weekend.The former MP and MSP set up the Paul Canavan Memorial Cup in aid of the hospice where his then youngest son passed away.Paul would turn out to be one of four moncler outlet san francisco children Canavan would lose. It left the family with young Adam as the sole surviving child.Ex MP who lost four children reveals pride as son wins running trophy named after late brotherThe teenager's participation in Sunday's 10k hospice charity run was moving enough cheap moncler outlet.