They wouldn even let the party buy things without trying to


What Are Your Worst Lone Wolf Stories

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Weekly Tale Topic the past, we ran a feature asking for suggestions for community contributions around a theme:I been in a couple parties with these.

Hermes Bags Replica In one campaign (DND 5e), there was someone who played as a chaotic evil Warlock Tiefling. They have their own campaign that hermes replica handbags i in, and are a fun GM, so we thought it was going to be fine, despite the rest of the party being Good or Neutral. However, they did a few things that were often went against what the party was doing, and they did it blatantly. Some of these things include: Hermes Bags Replica

Attempting to demand money from people we just saved from muggers.

Hermes Handbags Replica Attempting to get people to hire him for assassinations in a somewhat respected public bar (despite that they could have done it away from the party in the less respectable taverns the GM mentioned). Hermes Handbags Replica

Trying to interfere and interject in everything that happened and making it worse or evil, including birkin inspired replica handbags duels, negotiations, and any good deeds the rest of the party may try to accomplish. They wouldn even let the party buy things without trying to steal something or scam the shopkeep (and of course, trying to drag the party into it with him so they share the blame).

Eventually, the party talked about it and they stopped going against the party so often, instead opting to do things that didn interfere with the parties great site objectives and acting as the "Lesser evil" compared to the main villain.

another campaign (Pathfinder, Run by the tiefling from earlier), we had a character that was probably fit the "Lone Wolf" description more than any other I met. They were min maxed, used their strength to solve everything, and could probably kill any of the other party members easily if they wanted to (at least, in the beginning). They had some dramatic backstory that their character kept secret, that we later learned involved him killing a ton of people/things. He also kept his name a secret too, and didn talk much in general (So my character just called him "Catapult", since he tossed them across the room when they first met). He was often violent, requiring the party to try to prevent him from just offing people. When a grand tournament came up that the party was supposed to enter, nobody bothered to because he was entering, and we knew he could do it himself. He took down everyone, including the character hermes birkin replica the GM thought would be too tough for him. It eventually got bad enough to where most the party was plotting to kill him due to him becoming too powerful (I wasn going to help them but I probably wasn going to stop them).

It was a 9 man party, so it was already chaos. We were fighting an evil gnome summoner and he summoned a green dragon with his dying breath.

best hermes replica So we proceed to nearly all die in this 15 minute nightmare battle. FINALLY, the dragon is bloodied and says he would give a crucial point for the next part of hermes replica 2424 bag the mission. We gathered hbags hermes bags around him (arguing IRL to trust the dragon or not). best hermes replica

Our diplomat was a Lawful Good Dragonborn Paladin. Easy character to stick to right? Wrong.

The dragon asked to have his life spared and the paladin agreed. The dragon gave us his knowledge. Then additional info our LAWFUL GOOD PALADIN mini birkin bag replica beheaded the dragon for no reason hbags reviews whatsoever.

The dm then exclaimed that for his deceit and murder his powers were now stripped until he did a redemption quest.

He asked for help and the other 8 of us were like, "dude no, this is already a tough campaign with us all together." So for the rest of the game we had to stop at his turn so he could pursue redemption.

The funny part was how the DM resolved it. Like a teacher giving detention he made him stay like an extra hour to just get the redemption done then made him sit out the next game.