This year, at the first of two scheduled events, the


Here's a gripe, because there was little else to grouse about in Sunday's show and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's choice of winners: How much earlier is awards season going to creep up the calendar, anyhow? For some, Sunday marked the Feast of the Epiphany, still technically part of the Christmas holidays. Raise your hands if you've had time to undeck the halls. With Globes getting earlier and the Academy Awards planning a move to early February in 2020, we're going to have to drop the New Year's Eve ball onto a red carpet..

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Nichole Smaglick, who works in Minneapolis' Northrup King building, created a series of all in one kits designed to help dads build close, nurturing ties with their kids over making dinner, story time and playtime. Smaglick calls it the "instant Dad is awesome box." The kits come in a big box every three months, and include projects like a catapult and a floating lantern. celine outlet europe They are targeted to boys and girls 5 and older.

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Each year at Computex, Asus shows off at Celine Cheap least one crazy new concept product it might be a laptop with a screen on the lid, a phone that docks into a tablet, or even a domestic robot that can entertain your family. This year, at the first of two scheduled events, the showstopper was something equally attention grabbing but also a lot more grounded in reality. The brand new ROG Phone takes smartphone design, power, and performance to a completely new level.

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