WATCH:Franois Legault and Doug Ford meet for first timeThe Ford


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Yves Saint Laurent Replica Handbags Samsung Galaxy S3 Slim Samsung Galaxy Core Lite vs. Nokia XL Dual SIM Samsung Galaxy Core Lite vs. Motorola Moto G (CDMA) Samsung Galaxy J3 (6) vs. Legault, whose Coalition Avenir Quebec swept to power last month, said he wasn satisfied with Ford explanation for the moves and would continue to push for more French ysl replica bags uk language services, but did not say what further steps he could take.WATCH: Quebec Premier Franois Legault and Ontario Premier Doug handbags replica ysl Ford met for the first time in Toronto on Monday. As Global Raquel Fletcher explains, Legault was unable to convince his anglophone counterpart to reverse his decision to abolish Ontario office of the French language service commissioner.don think it sends a good message to francophones but it not my decision, he said after his discussion with Ford, the first official Ysl replica meeting between the two premiers.Legault said he reminded Ford in their meeting that Quebec has three English language universities and that both provinces must make efforts to deliver services to language minorities.Ontario Progressive Conservatives announced the changes last Thursday in replica ysl clutch bag outlet their first fiscal update since taking office in June.WATCH:Franois Legault and Doug Ford meet for first timeThe Ford government, which has vowed to find billions in efficiencies each year, has said the university was not a financially viable project, though it could Ysl replica handbags not say how much would be saved by scrapping it. Nor could it say what savings would come from combining the watchdog offices.Ford defended the measures again on Monday, saying the university was not feasible in light of the province deficit, which his government has said now sits at $14.5 billion Yves Saint Laurent Replica Handbags.